Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Seeds of Paradise, Outis' Media's nukige visual novel about a massage parlor run by garden monster girls, is now available for free on Itch.io.

Seeds of Paradise is a visual novel centered on the titular massage parlor located in Whitehill, a place where monster girls live among humans. The parlor is popular for solely hiring garden girls — people born of fruits and other plants.

Hearing of a special event, the story’s protagonist attempts to visit the parlor right after work, taking a long drive to get there. Despite his commitment, he just doesn’t make it to the parlor in time, arriving soon after closing.

Having arrived late, he only meets one girl inside: Lala, the owner of the parlor. The strawberry girl is initially dismissive of the protagonist, given that her establishment is already closed; however, realizing that he’s gone to great lengths just to get here, she decides to take pity on him.

Seeds of Paradise is a short nukige visual novel that offers a linear story taking place in the same setting as Outis’ Media’s other works, such as Slyvie’s Bar and Fruits of the Forest, portraying more of Sylvie’s fruity rivals.

"Seeds of Paradise" is a mini-nukige about a titular massage parlor run by Lala Woods, a direct competitor to "Sylvie's Bar."

You play the role of a nameless man who's come to town just in time for the "Fruits of the Forest" special... only to find you're too late, and the girls have all gone home for the night.

However, the owner seems to have taken pity on you, and maybe things will work out for you, in the end.

"Seeds of Paradise" is a short nukige that takes place in the same universe as "Sylvie's Bar" and "Fruits of the Forest." A cranky plant girl may appear at the eleventh hour and be the solution to your (lewd) problems.

Scenario... M.E. Hatch ("Gino and the Witch of the Black Swamp," "Indecent Lives of Monster Girls")

Sprites and Illustrations... TUS ("Fruits of the Forest," "Backdoor Divas (Helga)")

Programming and Programming Assist... Silumansoft (Silumansoft Fantasy)

Musical Tracks... "Fond Memories" and "Between Friends" by Jimmy Kaleth (Sound Ideas)

Lewd SFX... "Nicole's Solo Time"

Seeds of Paradise is available for free for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android on Itch.io.

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