Keeping things informal as well as infernal

Journey through space in an adventure against a mysterious space rose in ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK.

ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK is a sci-fi adventure by Liar-soft, the same developer behind Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning, Kindred Spirits on the Roof, and Adabana Odd Tales. The game features over ten hours of content, mecha battles, and furry characters.

Under the Moon's light, a giant rose had suddenly bloomed in space and it hangs 380,000 km from Earth. No one knows why it appears or where it came from but people have chosen to call it “Consuelo.” Five years ago, Consuelo launched a thorn into Tokyo and penetrated the Earth’s surface from space. That area is now known as the Red Zone. What was once a city is now a lawless slum inhabited with monsters. Since then, this place has been cut off from the world. This is where Miriya, the STX Space Force Pilot meets Ichizo Yodaka, a former elite pilot, fighting against Consuelo while aboard his Battle-SHEEP.

Ichizo Yodaka

Voice:Noboru Yajima

Former military and elite Blue Star pilot.

His scarred face is discolored by red-black marks.

Menacing at first, but caring when least expected.

Second to none at engaging with vast sel energy.

Despite once leading his own elite pilot unit,

he later deserted for reasons unknown.

Now a fugitive escapee based in the Red Zone,

he fights on to protect residents from Consuelo

with Sura, his “intergalactic pruning” Battle-SHEEP.

“Am I a human, or am I Consuelo?

I’m just as in the dark about myself as you...”

Miriya Hakone

Voice: Mako Ayane

A top-scoring STX Space Force pilot, or Silver Star.

With dreams of becoming a Battle-SHEEP combat pilot,

she feels let down by her own innate lack of sel skills.

Average but earnest, she relies on hard work alone.

When Ichizo hijacks her electric SHEEP, HAL,

she traces his steps to a black-market auction house.

Earnest, pure at heart, but largely naive about the world.

“I want to become a bona fide pilot

and help the Red Zone as soon as I can...”


Voice: Shino Amekawa

Neo-fennec no. 888.

Has honey-wheat hair and sapphire eyes.

Gluttonous, promiscuous, and foul-mouthed to a fault.

Got her “sailor shrine maiden” outfit at a shop in Asakusa.

Seldevice of choice: Handy Chainsaw.

Fled Battleship Baobab to be a slum boss in the Red Zone.

After Ichizo takes her in she becomes Lost Eden’s oldest "child,"

though she has yet to mend her rough-and-tumble ways.

Selfish and always true to her desires.

“That’s right, you don’t wanna go there!

The Battleship is a bad, bad place! It’s much better here!”


Voice: Botan Yumeno

Loved by all as the selfless housemother of Lost Eden.

A goddess of domestic chores thanks to deft gadget manipulation.

Though a cute pet robot now, she was once an electric SHEEP.

She may be a first-rate mom, but as a SHEEP, she’s scrap metal.

Says things like, “My oh my!” in soft-spoken, ladylike tones.

“Oh, are you sleeping there again?

I can’t imagine you’ll sleep well like that...”

Vanessa Mesquida

Voice: Mahiru Notsuki

A brigadier general with the STX Space Force.

Despite her baby-faced looks, she’s getting on in her years.

Hell to be around and a raging sadist at the best of times.

Treats Gon like her slave, although neither seems to mind...

Once active on the front lines as an elite pilot alongside Ichizo,

she now spends her days hunting down this “disgraced fugitive.”

“I don’t care if you feel bad or not.

What I wanna know is, where’s your apology?”


Voice: Tsubasa Kuzai

Neo-fennec no. 150.

Fearless and reliable, but loyal foremost to Vanessa.

Unique for his trademark dreadlocks and silver fur.

Despite Vanessa berating him daily,

he seems well taken care of...

The ultimate masochist.

“I serve Vanessa out of my own will!

I always have... and always will!”

Jean Regulus

Voice: Tetsuto Furukawa

A researcher at the STX Space Force’s R&D Center.

Creator and loving father to all of neo-fennec kind.

Friendly from a distance, but given to icy stares,

hence the moniker “Hatred-Digesting Boa Constrictor.”

Hates Ichizo for nominating a certain young pilot

for the “Honorable Interstellar Plan” of 339 UBE.

Ostensibly oversees neo-fennec population control,

but in secret, he is investigating a 5th-dimensional ghost

on Battleship Baobab said to drift through the library of time.

“I heard you haven’t been eating.

Here, it’s a surprise present just for you...”


Voice: Kumiko Okugawa

Neo-fennec no. ???

A mysterious lady indeed and Regulus’s personal secretary.

Immaculate yet alluring, with the kindest of smiles.

Never seen without her Black Canvas seldevice,

which was given to her by Regulus himself.

Remains calm and composed, no matter her situation.

“Understood. Searching with the Black Canvas.”

Old Innkeeper

Voice: Tsubasa Kuzai

An elderly neo-fennec man who runs a brothel.

As one of the first neo-fennecs ever created,

he could never walk upright like humans do,

and is ashamed to have to crawl on all fours.

“Ohhhmmm! Just get outta here already!”


Voice: Suzu Sazanami

A small boy whose parents were killed by Consuelo.

Wears a sheepskin and a bell. Still in diapers.

Drags around a stuffed animal, or is it a glove?

“Um, Mommy said not to go outside the settlement.”

You can Purchase ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK on sale from Steam and Johren for $15.99. The sale on Steam ends on November 3rd while the one on Johren ends on November 10th, afterwhich the game will cost $19.99. If you plan on buying the game on Steam, don’t forget to download the 18+ patch from Johren.

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