Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

NekoNyan Soft has announced five new titles during their panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2022.

On October 28th, NekoNyan Soft held an industry panel at the 2022 Anime Weekend Atlanta, where they discussed the progress of the games they're currently working on, as well as some games that they had just obtained.

Their first announcement was My Klutzy Cupid (Ore no Cupid ga Ponkotsu Sugite Kowa~i) by Hulotte. The game involves a boy who gets a notebook from a self-proclaimed angel, named Loviel (Love me Ale). If you were to write a person’s name in the notebook, your romantic affinity or fatedness will be depicted as a numerical value in the book, which will then display advice on how to increase this value. This action can only be done once per day and by following the advice, you can improve your fatedness with that person. There is a catch to this item, though: the owner of the Love Note has ninety days to find the bride of their dreams or else they will be cursed with impotence for the rest of their lives.

The second title NekoNyan Soft announced was Sprite’s Love, Elections, and Chocolate (Koichoco). The hopeless romantic, Oojima Yuuki, and hater of all things chocolate, Sumiyoshi Chisato, are childhood friends that attend Takafuji Academy, a giant school with over 5,000 students. Both are a part of the Culinary Research Club, which isn't club about actually appreciating food, but is instead an excuse to laze about and eat snacks with friends. With the Student Council presidential election approaching, the club is being targeted for termination by the most popular candidate, Shinonome Satsuki. To keep the Culinary Research Club alive, they have no choice but to sabotage Shinonome by any means necessary.

The third announcement made was Love Love Love, Burning in my Heart! (Baka Moe Heart ni Ai o Komete) by Praline. Renren Academy is home to the hottest singles and all they want is for them to hook up. With there being couples-only cafeteria options, as well as classes about romance and spicing up your relationship, it's a school designed for finding true love. Shoutarou Yamanaka is a passionate guy who wants to get a girlfriend, but there's a problem: The Normie Resistance Brigade, a group who hates the lovey-dovey atmosphere of the school, plans to cancel the Christmas Party enjoyed by couples. Can Shoutarou find a girlfriend to spend Christmas with or will the Normie Resistance Brigade ruin the Christmas party?

The next title to be announced was Sonara’s visual novel about life in the game industry, Ready or not, the deadline is coming! (Uchi wa Mou, Enki Dekinai). Shiiba Masashi was out in town with his friend, Miku, when Sayaka, his sister, suddenly pulled up in her car. She told them it was an emergency and that they needed to get in. Masashi’s sister owns an eroge company — and as it turns out, they're behind schedule with the development of a new title. Since Miku is an amateur writer online, Sayaka recruits Miku to help production along, with Masashi getting roped into handling the QA side of development and other various tasks. As Masashi develops his creative passion further, he may even find love in the process. Players will get to witness how a fan becomes a creator, as well glimpse into the machinations of the gaming industry.

The final title announced by NekoNyan Soft was Mysteries of the Heart: The Psychic Detective Case Files (Shinsou Noise ~Noise Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~) by Azurite. This marks the first time NekoNyan will be working together with DMM on a title. Tachibana Kazuma is a freshman at Shizunomiya Academy with a secret: he can read people’s minds and hear their thoughts. While it seems like a cool ability, he has trouble telling which thought belongs to whom. He keeps hearing all these thoughts overlapping together in a monotonous voice, burdening his mind in the process. During his first month of school, Tachibana spent his time just trying to control this power of his.

In the school itself, students are assigned to teams for group projects, as well as to bond as they overcome challenges together. The group Tachibana was placed in had a mish-mash of people in it. The group includes the quiet girl, Yukimoto Sakura; the airhead, Momozono Moka; the sporty chick, Kazama Natsuki; the self-proclaimed spirit medium, Kurotsuki Saya; the rich girl, Ootori Yuriko; the jock, Kitagami Yoichi; and the guy who just wants a girlfriend, Takanaga Shunta. The group’s first mission is to solve the Case of the Stolen Gym Clothes, but one question remains: can they really work as a team or will they fall apart?

You can view all the announcements over on NekoNyan Soft’s Twitter. There's also a livestream of the panel, but it's worth noting the camera was unfortunately broadcasting the event on its side.

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