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Match-3 Puzzle Game Furry Love & Sex Now Available on Steam

After being betrayed by a massive corporation, Claw embarks on a mission of revenge in Octo Games’ Furry Love & Sex, a story-driven match-3 puzzle game.

Furry Love & Sex takes its player back to the familiar cyberpunk setting from Furry Love, this time taking the role of Claw, a special agent betrayed by his corporation. By the time he was supposed to get his payment, he instead finds himself being hunted by his former employers. After managing to survive the betrayal, he decides to take revenge. To that end, he will have to take over each of the city districts.

The game features six heroines for Claw to face. Each encounter is made up of three battles, preceded by a visual novel story segment. Combat takes the form of a match-3 game with various tiles on the board. When lined up, some tiles deal damage, while others heal or power up Claw’s special abilities. Every move the player makes on the board increases progress towards the opponent’s next skill activation. To win, players have to deplete the heroine’s health bar. Succeeding in all battles against a heroine unlocks an interactive erotic scene animated using Live2D.

A player’s strategy during the puzzle segments will depend on their personal build, with three starting classes to choose from. Stats can be improved with the shop’s skill tree, but require currency gained from battles to be purchased.

Furry Love & Sex is a dating sim story-driven Visual Novel with elements of a match3 gameplay.

Claw, the main character, performed dirty work for the evil corporation for a while. When the time came for his payment, Claw suddenly found himself on their hit list instead. Miraculously surviving, he is now set on repaying the debt.

Choose your moves carefully, as they affect you and your opponent differently.


• Complex dating sim gameplay mixed with a story-driven Visual Novel.

• Life2D animated characters

• Beautiful background artwork

• Plenty of lewd scenes with various girls

• A Multitude of Sexy Situations

Furry Love & Sex is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.68 until October 29th, at which point it will cost $6.99.

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