Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

A new adventure begins in Chevalier Historie Append, available on Steam, Denpasoft, FAKKU, and Kagura Games.

Chevalier Historie Append is the DLC for PICOPICOSOFT’s action RPG, Chevalier Historie. In the base game, you play as Jeanne, the only female knight in the Kingdom of Berde. After saving Princess Lily, another enemy has emerged and plans to bring the kingdom to ruin. With the help of her companions, Jeanne must discover what is behind the strange phenomena and restore peace to the kingdom. In this new adventure, you'll find new characters, locations, and scenes to explore. Enjoy the new scenes with full voice acting for both existing and new characters to immerse yourself in the story.

You will be able to go on dates with more than five different characters. Spend plenty of quality time with some beloved characters from the base game’s story, such as Princess Lily, Diana, Galahad, and some of the new characters just introduced in the DLC. There are a variety of dialogue options for each date, and the choices you make during the dates can lead to different outcomes, slightly affecting the ending.

Another feature in the DLC is the Monster Ranch/Dog Park. A ranch full of cute monsters has opened up in the Kingdom of Berde. As you complete dungeons and subevents, more monsters will be added. If you adopt a puppy, you can bring it to the dog park and play with it.


The heroine of this story is the earnest knight, Jeanne. She is the first and only female knight in the lengthy history of the kingdom of Berde. To save the imprisoned Princess Lily, she sets out on a journey. She puts aside her well-being to rescue the four spirits of Berde and restore the Royal Ring’s power. At the end of her rigorous journey, the fate of Jeanne and Princess Lily rests solely in your hands…


This action RPG is filled with many enemies and bosses with unique attack patterns. There are also a multitude of obtainable items that unlock special moves, like a dash attack or an attack combo. For those seeking a challenge, some items reduce your hit points or gained EXP. You can play the game however you see fit.

You can purchase the Chevalier Historie Append DLC on sale from Steam, Denpasoft, FAKKU, and Kagura Games for $11.99. After October 28th, the sale on Steam will end and the DLC will return to its regular sales price of $14.99. As it's a DLC, Chevalier Historie is required to play. If you don't already own it you can find it on Steam and Kagura Games on sale for a 20% discount at $15.99, with Steam's discounted sale price ending on November 1st. Denpasoft also has the base game available for its normal price of $19.99. If you do plan on buying the DLC on Steam, don’t forget to download the adult content patch from Kagura Games.

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