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Ren has only a month to prepare a trio of idols for their first competition in Winged Cloud’s Sakura Melody, a management and dating sim now available on Steam.

Sakura Melody is a slice of life management game following Ren, a young man with a passion for idols who’s chosen by his company to manage a fresh idol group. The team he’s given responsibility for is made up of three girls, who are planned to take part in an idol competition in just a month. Their performance there will determine the future of their careers, but despite being selected to form a team, the trio can hardly cooperate.

The group is made up of Akko, a cheerful and energetic girl from a quaint fishing town. She’s overwhelmed by the bustling nature of Tokyo, but wants to bring happiness to her fans. Contrary to her, Chiyoko comes from a rich family and grew up surrounded by luxury. Despite her superiority complex, she wants to prove her worth and become an idol on her own. She also tends to act like a cat for an unknown reason, something that the last team member, Ibuki, loves to tease her for. Ibuki rarely speaks and tends to provoke the other two, as well as regularly teases Ren for the fun of it.

Somehow, Ren has to prepare this team of misfits for their competitions. To that effort, players have to manage the schedule for each heroine. By assigning them to various tasks, the girls can increase the size of their fanbase or rise more funds. Heroines can also be assigned to work at a talent agency. How much they earn there is determined by the player’s success at a match-3 minigame. Players can also spend their time taking the girls out on dates, deepening their relationship with them.

Akko is a cheerful girl who's rarely seen without a smile on her face. She acts as a mediator when Ibuki and Chiyoko inevitably come to blows, and she's always striving to make others happy.

Akko was born in a small fishing village, and she spent her childhood helping her parents run their humble inn. As a result, Akko's no stranger to hard work, and her home-making skills are impeccable. Her miso soup really is delicious!

While Akko might appear boundlessly optimistic, she's a bit self-conscious about her humble origins. She finds the bright lights of Tokyo overwhelming, and at times even she needs a shoulder to lean on.

Ibuki is a girl of few words, yet the words she's able to articulate are all utterly baffling. Though quiet, she seems to take a perverse delight in making other people uncomfortable.

Ibuki particularly enjoys teasing Chiyoko, given the cat-eared diva is so prone to overreacting. The two can often be found arguing, despite Akko's best attempts to divert them.

Ren, too, is another one of Ibuki's favorite targets. Her flirting with Ren is so aggressive it borders on sexual harassment, but just how serious is Ibuki in her pursuit of her producer? That, alas, is a mystery.

Chiyoko a haughty, aloof madam who fancies herself as a being superior to all other lifeforms. She comes from a wealthy family, her father being the president of a large electronics company, and she's lived a life of luxury.

Though Chiyoko is undeniably privileged, she seems discontented with her lot in life. Fiercely independent, she hates the thought of coasting by on her family's success, and she's determined to become an idol using her own merits.

Chiyoko also seems to think she's a cat, for some reason, and peppers most of her sentences with 'meow'. Why she does this is anybody's guess.

Sakura Melody is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $9.59 until October 31st, at which point it will cost $11.99. Adult content has to be installed separately, using a patch available on Winged Cloud’s Patreon.

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