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Unite old brothels against a new competing brothel in Flag shadow’s Lord of Isekai Brothels, available now on Steam.

Lord of Isekai Brothels takes place in Free City, a redlight district home to many brothels. These brothels have girls of unique monster races that attract locals and foreigners alike. When the reincarnator opens a new brothel with innovative sexual services, the other brothels start losing customers, putting them on their way to closure. The old brothels will need to keep up with the competition if they want to stay in business. Gain the trust of the head prostitute of each brothel and unify the brothels so that you can complete against the reincarnator.

The game has over fifty base erotic CGs and more than one-hundred-and-fifty CGs in total. There are two difficulties in the game, casual mode and normal mode. In normal mode, you have a monthly debt that you need to pay off and the brothels you run are in danger of closing if the reincarnator’s brothel continues to steal your customers. In casual mode, there is no debt and it is much easier to compete against the reincarnator’s brothel.

There are three major gameplay aspects to focus on; H battles, research, and managing your brothel. In H battles, you need to pleasure the head prostitute and gain her trust so that she will sign a cooperative contract with you. Research the sexual services of the reincarnator’s brothel and improve your own by using girls’ monster traits to your advantage. As you manage your business, you will learn skills and upgrade techniques to compete against the rival brothel. You can use items to adjust the bedding, decorations, and scent in the brothel to improve your girls’ stats or get certain people to come to your brothel.

You can find The Lord of Isekai Brothels on sale from Steam for $15.29. After October 27th, the sale will end and the price will return to its regular $17.99.

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