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My Runaway Girl Is Working on the Simulation Dating Sim My Runaway Girl

Take care of a runaway student in My Runaway girl, a project in an early prototyping stage being worked on by an independent team of developers.

My Runaway girl is a dating sim project being developed by My Runaway Girl, a development team bearing the same name as their upcoming game. The erotic visual novel follows Nagao Toshiro, a young adult and a part-time store clerk, struggling to find full-time employment. One night, while returning home late, he comes across Ito, a young girl sulking underneath a lamp post. Wanting to help her out, he offers to let her spend the night at his place. The next morning, she persuades him to let her live with him instead, offering to do housework in exchange.

The simple story premise has been adapted in multiple games and manga in the past; in the case of My Runaway girl, the main inspiration was Higehiro, a light novel series by Shimesaba. Throughout the game, players control Nagao while trying to take care of the young girl.

The game makes use of a daytime system, with actions taking a set number of in-game minutes or hours to complete. Players can keep track of Ito’s stats using the menus, keeping an eye on her mental state, mood, romance, and lust. Depending on how players take care of the heroine, these attributes and her behavior towards them will change.

Nagao himself has a set of stats to manage as well, with the most important of them being his thirst, energy and hunger, which have to be filled up for the protagonist to accomplish most tasks. Additionally, Nagao can improve his general characteristics such as strength or intelligence to unlock new actions.

The game is divided between Nagao’s general routine, where players work and grind new stats, and narrated visual novel segments that play out when specific conditions are met. Future versions of the game are planned to feature random events as well, intended to break up the monotony of Nagao’s daily life.

Current prototypes of the game feature a city map with different locations, work and stat improvement, a cooking system, and a basic economy with jobs and stores. In future builds of the game, players will be able to dress themselves up using the wardrobe, improve Nagao’s apartment with unique items, and follow a series of main and secondary objectives. The game will feature a classic romantic route, as well as a more sinister way to play.

You can download the free prototype of My Runaway girl for PC, Linux and Mac from the developer’s Patreon, where you can also support the project.

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