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JazzyJoint is currently developing Breeze Valley, an adventure game about a man who spends his summer in the town from his childhood.

Breeze Valley is an in-development RPG Maker adventure game that parodies various clichés and stereotypes. The game's protagonist is Anon (whose name can be changed), a man spending his summer in Franklin Valley. He used to live there when he was a child and remembers it as a peaceful town where he had fun with his relatives. What he looks forward to most is meeting with Bernard, his uncle; Susan; and her daughters, Victoria and Scarlett. When Anon finally arrived, the town wasn’t as he once remembered it. Unexplained disappearances, posters with weird emblems popping up around town, protesters blocking the road, and secret societies are just a few of the things disrupting the peace of Franklin Valley. Players will have to make the most of Anon's time in the town and lend a hand to some of the quirky townspeople to find out just what’s going on.

You can choose how you are related to Susan, Victoria, and Scarlett by writing in your relationship with them at the beginning of the game. If you make no such changes, Susan will be uncle Bernard’s friend, while Susan and Victoria will be your childhood friends. The game features a day-and-night system and an energy bar for the protagonist. Each real-world second is an in-game minute, and whenever a story or quest event happens, some time will pass. Your energy bar will also decrease as you walk around, but can be replenished by eating and sleeping. If you run out of energy, you'll be taken back to your tent, where you must sleep until the next day to fully recharge. If you want the day to pass faster, you can use Sandler’s Universal Remote to skip a few hours ahead. If you ever need to return to your tent quickly, use Goku’s Magic Teleport to teleport directly to your tent.

In Breeze Valley, you'll be going around the town and completing quests for the people you meet. You can fix appliances for your uncle, steal Susan’s panties for a couple of rednecks, help a girl steal a famous diary from the history museum, and more. In this build of the game, you will find H-scenes involving masturbation, blowjobs, voyeurism, and vaginal sex. Jazzy Point currently plans on adding other fetishes in future builds, such as handjobs, titfucks, footjobs, anal, group sex, furries, monsters, pregnancy, and much more.

What's the game about?

Tired of spending his days playing lewd games made in RPG Maker, a boy returns to the town where he spent his childhood to live with his uncle and three beautiful girls.

The tranquility that reigned in Franklin Valley, however, seems to be gone: disappearances, emblematic posters, unreliable tycoons and a secret society are just some of the oddities of the once peaceful town.

Meet beautiful women, bikers, rednecks, feminists, hipsters, hippies, beggars, incels, rappers and even normal people in this adventure that tries to play with clichés and stereotypes to show that not everything is what it seems.

You can play the most recent build of Breeze Valley on Itch.io. If you enjoyed the game, consider checking out JazzyJoint’s Patreon.

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