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Night and Day, Ertal Games' yaoi dating sim about a young artist starting his career in 1950s Paris, now available on

Night and Day is a slice-of-life yaoi dating sim that follows Paul, an ambitious, 18 year-old artist who wants to embrace his passion for painting in the City of Light. During his journey, he meets other similarly-minded young people following the bohemian lifestyle. Young and bold enough to follow their dreams, each of them strives to perfect their artistic craft, be it art, writing, or music. Most notably, there’s the manly and brash artist Emile, his regular model; the gloomy writer Bernard; the cheerful and immature street musician, Gilles; and the reserved jazz club bartender, Ferdinand.

Taking on the role of a young artist in Paris, players have to manage Paul’s time in France by choosing where he spends his time during each day. Depending upon the locations visited, different story routes can be pursued. The game also features a stat management system. Raising stats unlocks additional endings and scenes, but the game can be completed while ignoring this system.

Night and Day features around 200,000 words of storytelling and a choice between a safe-for-work or adult mode, with the latter featuring dominant and submissive variants of erotic CGs, depending on the player’s preference.

Night and Day is a dating sim visual novel about art, coming of age and jazz music.

When Paul moves to Paris in 1950, pursuing his dream of becoming a great artist, he meets an assortment of other "bohemians" trying to live out their dreams, being it becoming a painter as Paul, a writer or a jazz musician. Help him to achieve success, choose a love interest, take him on dates, and live a romantic adventure!

Night and Day is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux on for $19.95. A demo of the game and a routes guide can also be downloaded from the store page.

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