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Snaccpop Studios Seeks Funding for Something’s Wrong with Sunny Day Jack

SnaccPop Studios launched a crowdfunding campaign for their romance horror visual novel Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack.

SnaccPop Studios is perhaps most well known for AphroDesia, an adult audio drama they’ve been working on with the support of their fans over on Patreon. Meanwhile, they’ve also released a short mini-game about an overly attached and seductive tamagochi called DaCHaBo. Continuing their foray into erotic media, the team is now taking on a larger project: a romance horror visual novel titled Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack, of which they need help funding.

Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack will see the player taking the role of a seemingly average young adult, with one mortifying exception: they’re being haunted by a dead host of a children’s TV show. Dressed in an overtly colorful attire and face paint, Jack began appearing around the protagonist ever since they watched an old, creepy-looking VHS tape. Whether an actual demon or a product of his mind, Jack remains a constant presence in their everyday life. He has weight, he can be touched, and he even tries to be helpful. What’s more, Jack is in love with the protagonist.

While grappling with the mystery behind Sunny Day Jack, the protagonist will also have to go about their daily life, where they spend time with two other potential partners, who make the former jealous. The first is Shaun, a movie director who used to live with the protagonist in collage. Finding themselves struggling with their next script, they decide to visit the protagonist and catch up. Then there’s also Ian, the protagonist’s childhood friend and an ex, who cheated on them in the past. Realizing how much they’ve lost, they keep asking for a second chance.

The story for the visual novel was inspired by Phantom of the Opera. Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack will focus on themes of nostalgia and romance, but also feature elements of horror, involving murder. The developers make it clear however that erotic portions of the story will be kept separate from the more drastic or dramatic scenes. This involves a commitment to making all sex scenes fully consensual in nature.

To make Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack true to their vision, the team needed to gather $26,000 in crowdfunding — an amount they’ve collected in just a few days. However, there are still plans to make the project bigger and more complete through stretch goals. These include epilogue chapters for each route, a softcore mode replacing erotic content with alternate scenes, a Spanish dub of the visual novel, and an additional character: influencer and sex worker Nick.

The team prepared merch for those who’ll support the project. Tiers run from a standard “Thank You” note at $5 to trading cards sets at the $300 tier to a $500 "ultimate" tier that gives the ability to have a character of your own added to the game (in addition to the content of lower tiers). Most importantly, supporters can pre-order the visual novel by pledging at least $35. This is more than the planned retail price of $25, but also includes the supporter’s name appearing in the credits and grants access to a set of promotional wallpapers. It should also be pointed out that the $30 and $55 tier rewards have all slots filled and are no longer available.

A demo of Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack is available on The crowdfunding campaign is taking place on Kickstarter. It's currently sitting at $38,697 of the initial $26,000 goal (having hit the "AfterLife" and "Softcore" stretch goals), and will run until November 12th. The project is expected to ship in October 2024.

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