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Block Arranging Puzzle Game Hot Cleopatra on Steam

Follow Cleopatra on her journey to the Nile in Hunny Bunny Studio's simple puzzle game, Hot Cleopatra, now available on Steam.

Hot Cleopatra is a puzzle game developed and published by Hunny Bunny Studio, who previously worked on the match-3 puzzle game, Witch Story. The sun may heat up the scalding desert sands, but it's a pleasant sensation against Cleopatra’s skin, who decides to venture to the Nile to refresh herself. Players will have to complete a series of puzzles to unlock an animated CG of Cleopatra, before moving onto the next level.

Players start with a square template and a set number of pieces that need to be placed inside of it, with the goal being to fit all the pieces in the square to complete the puzzle. Players will be graded on their puzzle-solving skills at the end of every level, with the highest available grade being three stars. If you would prefer to skip the puzzle entirely, you can simply hit Ctrl+D to instantly complete the level. Hot Cleopatra features twelve levels in total and a CG gallery, letting players review all collected CGs. With the game's free 18+ DLC, this also includes CGs of Cleopatra and Anubis having sex.

The scorching sun of the desert pleasantly warms the skin, and the air is filled with the aroma of flowers growing near the palace. The mistress of seas, sands, and hearts is ready to travel the Nile.

Easy win: Keyboard Сtrl+D - Complete Level

In the game, your goal is to collect the puzzle in order to restore the pictures.


- ⛰ Beautiful artwork

- ⛰ Animation scenes

- ⛰ Relaxing music

- ⛰ CG Gallery Mode

- ⛰ Puzzle game

You can buy Hot Cleopatra on sale from Steam for $0.84. After October 21st, the sale will end and the game will increase back up to $0.99. Don’t forget to download the free 18+ DLC to add adult content into the game.

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