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A sequel to the yaoi visual novel where people take on the title of sins, Sinsations 2: Modern Gods is being worked on and looking for funding.

Sinsations 2: Modern Gods takes place after the first Sinsations. This time around you can play as one of two Deadly Sins of Lust. You can play as the previous protagonist, Kosuke Arai, or the new protagonist, Maverick Parker. Kosuke is Las Vegas’ Deadly Sin of Lust and he is in a relationship with one of the sins he had to seduce in the last game, while Maverick is the Lust of Texas who was brought in to help Kosuke. Modern Gods have started popping up around the world and as their influence over humans is continuing to grow. With this, the influence of Lucifer’s Seven Deadly Sins will weaken and eventually be replaced. Lucifer has demanded every Deadly Sin to rid the world of these Modern Gods by any means necessary.

Kosuke and Maverick have their own stories and different choices to make. If you choose to play as Kosuke, you get to choose one of the Sins from the previous game as your boyfriend for this game. Just like Sinsations, the game will be fully voice acted. There will also be mini games, achievements, and secrets to find.

Whitehand will need $23,500 to fund Sinsations 2: Modern Gods. If they reach their goal, there are four stretch goals to reach for.

At $35,000, there will be miniature Demon form and God form paths. This goal was featured in their previous Kickstarter for Sinsations and they hope to reach it this time.

At $40,000, the game will be translated into Japanese and more CGs will be added to the game.

At $45,000, the game will be translated into Korean and Spanish.

At $55,000, there will be at least one animated sex scene per route.

There are rewards up for grabs when you make a pledge.

At tier 1, for $5, you can get your name in the credits.

Tier 2 pledges are unfortunately no longer available,

At tier 3, for $30, you will get your name in the credits and a copy of Sinsations 2 on Steam or Itch.io.

At tier 4, for $45, you will get the rewards from the previous tier and a copy of the first game, Sinsations.

At tier 5, for $55, you will receive your name in the credits, a copy of Sinsations 2, a digital art book, and the OST of the game.

At tier 5.5, for $70, you will get the rewards from the previous tier and a copy of the first game.

At tier 6, for $100, you will get all the rewards from tier 5 and a Hellphone voicemail recorded specially for you.

At tier 6.5, for $100, you will receive all the rewards from tier 5 and some chibi charms of the new main characters.

At tier 7, for $400, you will get every reward from tier 5 and the opportunity to add an original or existing character to the Sinsations universe. Your character will show up in one or multiple routes and interact with the player character. You'll help the developer with designing one pose, one outfit, and four expressions for your character.

At tier 8, for $1,100, you will receive the rewards from the previous tier, but you will have more options for your original character. Your character will play an essential role in the game as either a villain, modern god, or deadly sin. This character will have multiple poses, outfits, and a naked sprite.

At tier 9, for a whopping $2,700, you will get every reward from tier 5.5, your original character in the game, and a custom mini-route for your character. You will get to work with the game creators to write a mini-route of 10k to 20k words.

The Kickstarter for Sinsations 2: Modern Gods ends on October 27th. As of writing this article, Whitehand has raised $21,017 of their $23,500 goal. You can learn more about the game on their Kickstarter page. There is also a demo of the game available on Itch.io.

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