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VillageRhapsody Now Available in Early Access on Steam

VillageRhapsody, YooGame’s farming RPG about helping the widows and lonely wives of a village, is available in early access on Steam.

VillageRhapsody is a country life RPG where players can farm, fish, and cut logs for the resident women of a village. You play as a young man helping with the construction of a rural area, helping the villagers with their requests and your relationship with them will improve. Be an honorable, hardworking man to earn the respect of the widows and wives of the village by chopping logs or carrying water. You can also get to better know the villagers and uncover their family secrets. Tend to and water the crops everyday and watch them grow into profitable produce and beautiful flowers. When you're done working in the field, you can spend your spare time fishing or exploring the map.

YooGame plans to expand the map, add Japanese voice acting, and introduce more story events to VillageRhapsody in the future. Some stories will include hot springs, caves, and “training” events. As of right now, there are CGs available for ten of the game's characters. YooGame hasn't yet specified when the game will leave early access, but expects to fully release it in several months — and once released, the game’s price will be increased.

The player will play an aspiring young man who participates in the construction of a new rural area. He will use his life skills to help complete the requests of the villagers, meet the needs of the girls, improve the girls' goodwill towards you, and strive for the honor of a strong man who dares to carry water for the widow.

In the game, you can experience the fun of sowing, watering leeks every day and watching them grow happily.

Explore every area of the map and enjoy fishing.

Wanton search for other people's family secrets.

Understand the story behind each character through the task and plot.

You can buy VillageRhapsody in early access on Steam for $2.99. Don’t forget to download the game's Adult DLC to unlock the sexual content.

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