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Track down the cult that destroyed your village in Ropoductions’ Final Orginity, a fantasy adventure RPG currently in development.

Final Orginity is a fantasy adventure RPG following Amy, a young orphaned girl living in a quaint village. She’s slowly becoming a woman, awakening to her sexuality. Aside from this, life at the village is simple and peaceful, with everyone doing their fair share of work. That is, until a group of robed men come to stay at her foster father’s inn.

Having helped take care of the travelers, Amy decides to go and rest by the river, until she’s woken by the screams of the villagers dying among the burned houses. The cult has slain anyone they could find, and then performed a foul sex ritual with her adoptive sister Jenny. Noticed by the men, Amy runs away as fast as she can, until she runs into a caravan and falls unconscious. With her peaceful life burned to the ground, she begins planning to take revenge and save Jenny.

While being an RPG, Final Orginity is devoid of combat. Players explore various areas searching for ways to overcome whatever obstacles stand in Amy’s way. While solutions may involve violence, the player’s task is to find and choose the solutions for Amy, with the results being narrated over colorful pixel art CGs.

The latest demo of the game features the beginning segments, following Amy’s adventure from her last peaceful day at the village all the way to the moment she steps into the capital, where the evil cult is rumored to dwell. While the demo may seem linear, it opens up near the end, showing the developer’s plans for choices and consequences. There are multiple adult scenes to be found in the demo, most of them being animated. However, some are exclusive to different decisions made during the story. Players who plan to see them all will have to save often or replay the game a handful of times.

Final Originity is being developed by Ropoductions, an independent team of three developers, involving a comics writer, an author, and a pixel artist. Their plan is to deliver high-quality adult games with a pixel art aesthetic. In the future updates to Final Originity, they plan to expand Amy’s story into an epic journey, which will allow players to learn secrets of the kingdom and put the heroine through many extreme erotic situations.

You can download the latest demo of Final Orginity from If you’d like to learn more about the project and support its development, you can do so on Ropoductions’ SubscribeStar or Patreon.

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