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Mango Party has published Purrrfect Love, a visual novel where an odd woman appears at a man’s home, on Steam.

Developed by Dark Light Studio and Once Only, Purrrfect Love is a romantic story consisting of ten chapters. One day you find a woman with dark hair and green eyes wandering around your house. You don’t recognize her at all, but something about her seems familiar. When she sees you, she smiles as if she has known you her whole life and says, “Finally, you’re back! I’ve been waiting so long!” Her name is Shion and, after a series of events, she starts living with you. Similar to a cat, Shion likes to act mischievous, but you warm up to her cuteness. You still don’t know who she is, but as the two of you get closer, you discover the shocking truth.

The game has twenty animated CGs, which include ten erotic scenes and ten heartfelt moments. Along with the ten chapters of the main story, there is also a special Halloween episode. Shion is fully voiced and the game has character songs that are sung by the voice actress.


A beautiful, visual novel of love... straight from the heart.

★Over 20 separate, exquisitely crafted CGs & animations.

⋆More than 50 shots total

⋆10 adult scenes

⋆10 precious moments

★A deep, moving story of true love

⋆Main storyline consisting of 10 chapters

⋆Special Halloween episode

★Full Japanese voice-acting for the female protagonist to really bring the story to life.

⋆Voice actors 藤村莉央 that create lively, sexy vibes for your special cat lady.

★Super unique character songs

⋆Songs created by professional producers【Crest Music Production & 旅人の共響】 to bring you even closer to your girl.

You can buy Purrrfect Love on sale from Steam for $6.29. After October 18th, the sale will come to an end and the price will return to $6.99.

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