If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A bunny boy learns how to fish from his older fox sister in the owlyboi's kinetic visual novel, My Stepsis is a Furry Futa Fox, now available on Steam.

Developed by owlyboi, who also worked on other futanari titles such as The Futanati and My Yandere is a Futanari, My Stepsis is a Furry Futa Fox is a visual novel where you play as a fragile bunny. You're pretty weak, have little-to-no accomplishments, and prefer to stay within your comfort zone. On the other hand, your stepsister, Diana, is a fox and the pride of your family. She stands out as the best hunter in the village and gets easily annoyed by your timid nature.

When your stepdad thinks that you need to contribute more to the family, he tells Diana to teach you how to fish. Though there're other things she would rather be doing, she reluctantly complies. Though, since she has no patience for failure, you'd better learn to fish quickly or else you’ll become her prey.

My Stepsis is a Furry Futa Fox is a linear story with over five thousand words of text. You can also change the name of the main character to further immerse yourself more into the story.

Furry Futa on Furry Male

Being a fragile little rabbit boy in the wild is tough enough as it is, but having a ferocious fox for a stepsis makes it all that much harder.

Diana is the best hunter in the village and the pride of your family, and you, well...not so much.

Your stepdad has decided that it's time for you to start contributing, and tasked his daughter with teaching you how to fish.

However, she feels like she has much better things to do, and has very little patience for you and your pathetic display.

Read through some pretty raunchy(erotic) dialogue, accompanied by spicy nude depictions.

You can buy My Stepsis is a Furry Futa Fox on sale from Steam for $0.74. After October 13th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $0.99.

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