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BBBen and his Big Brass Band is Making a Management Strategy Game Lord Goblin

Lord Goblin, a strategy game about managing your castle, lands, and maids, is currently being developed by BBBen and his Big Brass Band.

Originally, the protagonist of Lord Goblin was just a worthless servant of the witch-queen, fulfilling her every whim and suffering through unjust punishments. His meager life takes a turn when one of the witch’s spells goes awry. All of a sudden, the goblin becomes lord of the lands, tasked with taking care of their inhabitants, as well as maintaining the seal under the manor.

Lord Goblin is being developed by BBBen and his Big Brass Band. The team consists of a BBBen as the lead and writer, artists LittleHeros, Duro, RDuke, and Axl R-Rated, animator DaemonAnim8, environmental artists Gil, programmer Hulusay, and UI artist FlynnFlan, who will also provide publishing support with his team at TinyHat.

Lord Goblin is currently in its early stages of development, but a preview build has already been made available, showcasing the story's early moments and the base gameplay mechanics. The game will divide each day in the goblin lord’s life into four phases. After waking up, players will have to assign tasks to their maids, which will affect the state of the castle. Then, in the morning, they can choose to visit one of the game’s locations or spend time managing the maids in person to improve their skills, love, or obedience.

During the afternoon, players will manage their lands. Its inhabitants will come with requests, demanding that their lord makes a decision. Choices will alter the player’s resources, such as gold, influence, military, and food. Finally, each in-game day will end in the evening, when the player has to perform an erotic ritual to keep the portal under their manor closed. Both the maids and the witch herself can offer their aid in this task, though their willingness may be lacking at first. They’ll become more enthusiastic as their relationship with the lord improves further.

In the final version, the female cast will be voiced, featuring Pixie Willow as the witch Az’ea and actresses Ivy Wilde, SilkyMilk, and Midnight Datura as the maids. Each heroine will have their own personal storyline that will play out over the course of the game.

The preview build of Lord Goblin is available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Itch.io. You can learn more about the project and support its development on BBBen and his Big Brass Band’s Patreon.

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