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Crinklemouse Is Developing Furry ABDL Visual Novel New Hire

A furry starts a new job and while keeping a secret from his coworkers in New Hire, available on Itch.io.

New Hire is a furry visual novel with a focus on diaper loving. You play as Eli Harris, an introverted golden retriever who just got a job as a marketing specialist at Schafer Incorporated. He moved to the city with his roommate Cade Cooper, to get a fresh start in life. As he gets ready for his first job, he practices how to introduce himself to his new colleagues. He wants to sound confident and cool, but in actuality, he is a nervous mess, and, due to some family issues, he has trouble expressing himself and feeling confident about himself.

There is one embarassing secret that Eli wants to keep from his new colleagues: he suffers from incontinence and wears a diaper around the house. He’s going to wear training briefs on his first day and hopes that nobody will notice. Can Eli keep his secret under wraps? Will he find the confidence to open up to someone socially, emotionally, and romantically? Only time will tell in Eli’s new adventure in the big city.

New builds and exclusive content for New Hire will be available for patrons on Crinklemouse’s Patreon. The builds will be updated every two months and during the non-build months, patrons will receive behind the scenes posts with downloadable assets, sketches, progress on the game’s content, and more. Executive tier patrons will receive chapters of Cade’s Corner, which is a bi-monthly story with adult artwork. These stories are told from the point of view of characters in New Hire.

What's New Hire?

New Hire is a slice-of-life furry visual novel about a young ABDL's romantic adventures starting his first job at a seemingly normal printing company.

Eli Harris is struggling to figure out how he should introduce himself. He wants to appear eager, thankful, but not like a total amateur — even though, technically, this is his first gig. Plus, he wants to appear confident. Who doesn't? It's just tough, y'know, he's puffing his chest out and looking totally put-together, all while hiding...a little secret.

Eli’s move to the big city’s not just for his job. This big change is meant to help him open up — socially, emotionally, romantically — at least that’s the plan. With some much-needed motivation from his best friend and roommate Cade Cooper, Eli’s adventure in a new town as a marketing specialist at Schafer Incorporated is sure to go off without a hitch. Right?

You can download the demo of New Hire on Itch.io. If you enjoyed the demo, consider checking out Crinklemouse’s Patreon.

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