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CatBellUnion's I Got a Millenary Cat Now Available on Steam

Cook and take care of a cat that becomes human in Catbellunion's catgirl-centric game, I got a millenary cat, now available on Steam.

I got a millenary cat is an idle-focused game with some cooking game mechanics, wherein you take care of a cat girl. One day, you find a wounded kitten laying near some trash bags. After taking her home and tending to her wounds, you decided to continue to take care of her. Suddenly, the cat became a human with cat ears and two tails, revealing that she's actually a one thousand year-old cat spirit that came from a cat shrine. Moreover, as she continues her stay with you, she eventually falls in love with you.

Players will have to take care of their cat girl by bathing and feeding her, cooking a large variety of dishes to make her happy. Players will have to work on the food prep and combine ingredients to create some high-quality meals. You can also take pictures of your pet cat girl, documenting every moment as she wanders from room to room, plays around, sleeps, and jumps on the sofa. To support your life with her, you will also need to earn money through your part-time job. The game features a sushi-making mini game where you serve customers their orders, making sure to serve them quickly and giving them exactly what they ordered. After a long day at work, players can have sex with their pet cat girl and replenish her energy.


The game is a casual game where you have to keep an eye on the cat girl's condition, cleanliness... Hunger... etc.

If she's hungry, you'll have to make her food.

Game Features

- Rich bitmap cat animation

- A wide variety of dishes

- A full storyline

You can buy I got a millenary cat on sale from Steam for $6.29. After October 13th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $6.99.

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