Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Build your career as a game developer and romance five furry heroines in Octo Games’ dating sim, Furry Sex - GameDev Story 🎮, now available on Steam.

Furry Sex - GameDev Story 🎮 puts you in the shoes of an outgoing, dog-like businessman living in a bustling city. Your task is to simply become the best version of yourself while taking care of work and vying for the affections of five heroines.

The game divides each day into four segments, which you can dedicate to various activities around town. You can either work to earn money or spend time with the heroines to further deepen your relationships with them. The catch is that you also have to eat and manage your stamina, which requires a bit of forward planning on how you’ll spend each day.

Aside from time management and branching dialogue choices, players can also engage with various minigames. The chief of the included minigames is the classic Tetris, which will play an important role in your romantic advances — provided you can beat its levels. Besides managing falling blocks or playing roulette for quick cash boosts, the game’s animated erotic scenes also contain a bit of interactivity, challenging players to manage their tempo during intercourse.

Furry Sex - GameDev Story is a furry dude simulator with tetris mechanics. Succeed in both business and personal matters to get maximum life satisfaction.

In Furry Sex - GameDev Story your goal is to become an all-around successful furry dude. You have to control your resources and show up at work to be able to progress in your career. Feed yourself on time, sleep well and be smart about your money!

Every respectable furry dude loves himself an accasional naughty entertainment. Keep your furry ladies sufficiently happy and satisfied, and you won't have any problems with getting your rewards either!


• 5 gorgeous girls each with their own personalities, preferences and style.

• Many in-game locations each with beautiful hand painted environment art and many with full day/night cycles.

• Unique items (food, drinks, gifts, accessories) that you can purchase, unlock, collect and give as gifts.

• Thousands of lines of dialog

• Collect nearly stunning CG photos depicting the girls in various scenarios, including steamy bedroom scenes.

• An addicting tetris style puzzle game and many more to explore

Furry Sex - GameDev Story 🎮 is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.68 until October 12th, at which point it will cost $6.99.

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