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Dating Sim Yusetsu Now Available on Steam

Yusetsu, DSGame's dating sim about earning the affections of a cabaret club's staff, has released and is now available on Steam.

Yusetsu is a heartwarming dating sim in which you follow a lone salary man on his trips to a quiet hostess club. The protagonist is an emotionally frustrated salaryman, working a standard office job. While resting at a park bench, he’s approached by a beautiful woman named Fuuka, who takes pity on him and offers to treat him at a nearby bar. As she soon reveals, the establishment belongs to her, operating as a cabaret club. By paying for his entry and drinks, the young man can spend some time with one of its lovely hostesses. Seeing that it might just be something he needs in his life, she persuades him into coming again in the future.

The goal of the game is to establish a stable relationship with one of the hostesses. There are three heroines you can meet: the reliable Fuuka, the kindhearted Aoi, and the excitable Mao. Each night, you can visit one of them by paying for entry into the bar. As you spend time with a given girl, you’ll be able to learn more of her story. By answering their questions and picking drinks they like, you’ll improve your relationship with each hostess, eventually unlocking her ending.

Visits to the bar cost money, which you can gain during the daytime portion of the game. Each morning, you can read text messages from various characters and go to the office. There, players can earn money automatically by choosing to either follow their schedule or gamble their savings in a mini-game for a chance at a higher payout.

Each story route in the game takes about two hours to complete. With three heroines, this adds up to an estimated 6 hours of content. There are 27 CGs to unlock, including both wholesome and erotic scenes. The game also makes extensive use of Live2D technology for more lively character sprites and occasional animated CGs.

Yusetsu is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $15.29, where it will later cost $16.99. Adult content has to be installed separately as a free DLC patch.

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