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Point-and-Click Puzzle Game Lost2 Released on Steam

Lost2, DSGame’s puzzle game about solving puzzles to help princesses trapped in dreams, is now available on Steam.

Lost2 is the next installment of DSGame's Lost puzzle game series. Fairy tale princesses are trapped in their own dreams, leaving it to the player to traverse through multiple dreams and help the princesses with their internal problems. Similar to the previous game, you'll need to observe the scene and use items to solve the problems and get rid of any obstacles. Use your observation skills and knowledge of fairy tales to help you solve the game's assortment of puzzles. These puzzles include tasks such as unscrambling pieces to create an image, moving props to their rightful place, or matching colors. You also have the option of causing mischief and worsening their situation by forcing them into embarrassing positions.

The game features twenty-seven CGs and thirty-nine levels based on fairy tales such as Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Little Red Riding Hood. A picture book mode will be made available after you unlock a princess, in which players can interact with the unlocked princess however they please. The game's free 18+ DLC patch also adds six more erotic animated puzzle scenes into the game.

This is a click&decrypt game. You need dive into the dark dreams of fairy tales, observe the scenes and help the fairy tale princess to escape their difficulties. but sometimes you need to make a little trouble to satisfy your evil desires and start a sweet and dark interaction with the princess.

Game Features

- - 27 CGs of the most famous princesses and other characters from fairy tales, and 39 levels based on fairy tales to challenge

- We carefully designed the movements and poses of each character to make them delicate and rich enough

- The game has a picture book mode, after unlocking the picture book, you can interact with the princesses in the way you want

You can buy Lost2 on sale from Steam for $14.39. After October 7th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $15.99. Don’t forget to download the 18+ DLC to unlock the game's adult content.

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