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Mistress vs Slave, Noxurtica's political sim and visual novel hybrid about a girl who aspires to become queen, is now available on Steam.

Developed by Noxurtica, who also worked on Smug Bully Girlfriend, Mistress vs Slave, is a hybrid of a political sim and visual novel where you play an ambitious princess who wants to be queen — but cannot rule the kingdom since she was born a girl. Instead, she will prove her intent to take the throne by holding political meetings and making decisions to increase her reigning influence. There are two political parties to balance: the royalist Summer Party, which supports your cousin, the duke, and the Winter Party, which seeks to give more power to the common nobles. You will need to manage your influence among the common people, the military, and the church and earn their support if you want to become queen.

To further your cause, you can make use of the elf princess that was gifted to you after the war, training her to be obedient and using her as a political pawn. You can also seduce a foreign princess and enslave an orc chieftess to further grow your personal harem. If you do manage to enslave the orcs, you can increase your prestige and gain access to new political and financial opportunities. Players will have to be careful of the decisions they make, or else they run the risk of leading the kingdom to ruin; the kingdom can be defeated by orcs, the princess can be captured as a prisoner, forced into marriage, or dominated by those she's enslaved. It's up to you to make the right decisions and change your fate.

Due to being born a girl, you were denied your birthright of becoming the ruler of your kingdom. All is not lost, however, as you make your intention known to become the queen. It's not an easy path, and you will have to maneuver politically between the royalist Summer Party that support your cousin, the duke, and the Winter Party that seeks more power to the common noble. Not only this, you'll have to balance your influence among the general populace, the military, and even the church, if you are to win the coveted throne and become the heir.

But again... if you make the wrong decisions, you may have the tables turned on you and find yourself becoming enslaved.

To sum, "Mistress vs Slave" is a mix of political sim with visual novel elements, coupled with role-playing, and sexual content.

You can buy Mistress vs Slave on sale from Steam for $17.99. After October 6th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $19.99.

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