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Heart de Roommate Remastered, a remaster of Angel Smile’s romantic comedy visual novel about a student crossdressing as a girl, is now available on JAST USA.

Heart de Roommate Remastered brings back Angel Smile’s classic romance comedy from 2003 after nearly two decades. The visual novel follows Yusuke, a transfer student with phenomenally bad luck. After a series of mishaps, he’s left with no place to stay during his studies. Things seem like they might just turn around when he encounters his childhood friend Asumi. Insisting that she owes him for some favor he forgot, she offers him the chance to stay at her dorm, together with her two roommates. The catch is that since it’s a girls’ dorm, Yusuke will have to pretend he’s a girl, likely for his entire stay at school. To make matter worse, they don’t have a bed for him, forcing him to sleep in a closet and work off his share of the dorm’s rent by doing housework.

During his stay at the dorm, Yusuke will develop an especially close relationship with five different girls. Aside from Asumi, who pushes him into her wild cross-dressing master plan, there are her roommates: the shy Tomoe and the unpredictable Marumu. During his studies, Yusuke will also encounter his brash cousin, Namiki, and have to attend lessons with his caring homeroom teacher, Yoshiko.

The remastered version of Heart de Roommate features HD artwork, an improved user interface, and full compatibility with Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Yusuke's luck is runs dry when he transfers to a brand new school. Thanks to his rotten luck, and a series of unfortunate events, he's left on the streets with nowhere to live.

Just when he's given up all hope, he runs into Asumi, and old friend who claims she owes him a debt she still has to pay back. Upon hearing of his struggle, she begrudgingly invites him to live in her dorm, with her two roommates. The problem? It's a strictly girls-only dorm!

And so, naturally, Yusuke has to dress as a girl on his way to and from class every day. And since here's lodging there for free, he's forced to do all of the housework, and sleep in the closet. It seems our hero just can't catch a break, and to top it off, his feelings towards his new roommates begin to shift into something significantly less platonic...

Heart de Roommate Remastered is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux on JAST USA for the promotional price of $8.49, where it will later cost $9.99.

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