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An elf school girl tries to escape from prison in PG Studio’s top-down shooter, ElvenEscape, now available in early access on Steam.

In ElvenEscape, an elven high school was under attack by the devil’s army, leading to all of the elven school girls being abducted and forced into slavery. One particular elf, Ann Varissa, managed to find a way to escape her prison cell. She will need keep her distance from the demons as she escapes the prison, or else she will get punished.

Players will have to explore the dungeon, searching for magic items and other useful objects to help Ann Varissa escape. Use bows and a sword to fight against your pursuers and dash to avoid their attacks. Defeat enemies and complete the levels to progress. If Ann Varissa runs out of health and is captured, you will get a BDSM sex scene; these scenes are only obtainable through being captured. There are twelve levels and three H-scenes in the game's current build, with the full version planned to feature more levels, story content, weapons, and H-scenes. Once the game is released, there will be a slight price increase, but PG Studio wasn't specific about the price beyond that.

Help Ann Varissa escape captivity from the demon in this stylized pixel 2D top-down shooting!

Remember to keep a safe distance while killing demons with a variety of bows and weapons.

Suffer the consequences of defeat with BDSM H-scenes and detailed CGs! Will you lead her to escape or humiliation?

◇ Top-Down shooting

◇ Stylized pixel graphic

◇ Explore the dungeon to discover the magic item

◇ What happens if you get caught? Submit to their merciless capture with H-scenes!

You can buy the early access version of ElvenEscape on sale from Steam for $9.89. After September 29th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $10.99.

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