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A young man reunites with his long-lost family in Garden of Eden, an upcoming visual novel currently in development by Tan-senpai.

In Garden of Eden, players can choose how Daniel, the game's protagonist is related to the three main heroines. If you make no changes, the game will default to Rose being a landlady and the two girls as the protagonist's roommates, though the story will make more sense if you select Lily and Iris as his sisters and Rose as his mom. The story begins when Rose hires a prostitute, Daniel, to fulfill a fantasy of hers: he will roleplay as her son and she will be his mother. As the two have sex, Rose notices a birthmark on Daniel’s body that looks just like the one on her long-lost son. She confronts him about it, leading the two to discover that they're actually related.

At a young age, Daniel’s father, Greg, took him and left the family without any sort of explanation. Soon after, Greg left his son with a friend, leaving Daniel to grow up alone. To make up for lost time, Rose lets Daniel live with her and her daughters, Lily and Iris, as well as paying for his college tuition. While Daniel begins developing a relationship with his family as they live together, there are people who will get in the way of his happy family life.

Garden of Eden features a daily cycle with four time periods: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. You can go around the map and visit locations to trigger story events or increase different stats, such as intelligence and strength. Story events can occur depending on the time of day, your stats, and the affection levels of characters. The game also includes an option to turn on NTR situations. For example, you will see scenes between Lily and her pushy boyfriend, Brad, but you can still try to gain Lily’s affection. This option can be disabled before you begin the game.

Our main character (Daniel) eventually finds himself home again thanks to Rose, as when he his father was put out of trouble.

He finds himself having a curious relationship with Rose, Iris and Lily.

While meeting new friends in a new environment.

An unexpected rival to shake up your relationship with your girls and a Dad who mysteriously disappeared suddenly ruins your life. Main character (Daniel) will be the man of the house to rise up against all odds.

You can play the current build of Garden of Eden on Itch.io.

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