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Help a green slime solve challenges in Team Tailnut’s Smutty Scrolls, a puzzle game published by TinyHat Studios on Steam in early access.

Smutty Scrolls is a point-and-click puzzle game in which you study the titular scrolls by solving their challenges. The old texts refer to the adventures of Lim-Lim, a smart and puzzle-loving slime. As a lover of brain teasers, his story was recorded in interactive puzzle scrolls. If you were to solve these scrolls, you would see the fun he had at the end of each adventure.

Most levels in the game are divided into multiple scenes, all displayed on the screen at once. Each scene portrays a different moment during Lim-Lim’s adventure. You can move Lim-Lim and certain objects within each screen, with the effects and consequences of these changes carrying over to the next window of the adventure. For example, if Lim-Lim picks up a fishing rod on one screen, he can use it the next to fish out an item from a river.

Levels tend to have multiple solutions depending on how you configure the screens. Each of the endings shows a different erotic scene on the final panel, depicting the adventure’s heroine having intimate fun with Lim-Lim, a toy, or occasionally a monster. Not all puzzle levels are divided into screens, though, with some being larger compound puzzles with just one solution. Clearing these levels unlocks a set of images showcasing a single, slightly longer sexual act.

The current version of Smutty Scrolls already features six erotic multiscreen puzzles and three more complex quest scrolls. The game will also be updated with extra puzzles over time, though the exact amount of content that will be available by the end of its Early Access period hasn’t been determined yet.

Smutty Scrolls is now available on Steam for $9.99.

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