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Experienced indie developer Winterwolves has launched crowdfunding for The Beastmaster Princess, a yuri fantasy visual novel about a desert tribe.

Winterwolves is an experienced video game developer with over 30 titles in their Steam catalog, ranging from visual novels to strategy games and RPGs. To ensure the quality of their products, they’ve been collecting funds for their upcoming titles through crowdfunding campaigns. Once again, the developer has returned to Kickstarter to present their latest project: The Beastmaster Princess.

The visual novel will play out from the perspective of Kunya, the child of tribe leader Goro, making her the future war chief. Aside from conceiving Kunya, Godo has also adopted Lyara, a half-elf they found abandoned in the desert. To ensure the future of the nomadic clan, Lyara has been engaged with an elven prince. To everyone’s horror, dark elves ambush her future husband during his travel. It now falls on Kunya, Lyara, and their friends to rescue the elven prince.

On their travels, the sisters will be joined by the shaman Luna, the brave but hot-headed warrior, Takara, and wise, lonely Manila. The visual novel will focus on the challenges these women go through on their quest and the romantic feelings that develop between them.

To create the game and reach their quality standards, Winterwolves has to gather at least $5,813 (estimated from €6,000) in funding. This would allow for the production of the base game with romantic routes for each of the heroines and optional adult content distributed as DLC available on Steam.

There are also additional stretch goals planned for the project. If the project receives enough additional funding, the game will feature the option to play as a male protagonist. This choice won’t have any major impacts on the story, aside from small dialogue changes and new versions of the erotic scenes. Further funds would be used to expand the game with more scenes for each of the love interests, as well as the inclusion of a harem ending, in which the player can romance every girl at once.

Finally, if the project can gather enough funds, the developer plans to include optional real-time RPG gameplay, mainly in regard to the game's combat encounters. Unlike their previous titles, these battles wouldn’t be turn-based or relate to party management, but exact details on the battle system haven’t been decided yet, seeing as it's just a potential stretch goal.

Winterwolves claims that most of the game's base content has already been developed, making it possible to expand on the initial idea further depending on how much support it gathers during the campaign. You can find out more about The Beastmaster Princess and back the project on Kickstarter. The campaign will last until October 16th.

All supporters of the project will have their names included in the credits. A donation of $14.54 (estimated from €15) will net you a copy of the game upon release. Further tiers include bonus content such as the OST, a PDF guide and artbook, and beta access, among other perks.

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