Slaps and faps for all kinds of boys and girls

Kobolds do anything to get a prisoner to speak in えくすからーず’s HOBGOB ~ Please Save Me~, available now on Steam.

HOBGOB ~Please Save Me~ is a 3D eroge with character customization and unlockable content. A girl is captured and handed over to kobolds to torture. As the kobolds interrogate her about the location of her companions, she remains silent. They only have seven days to get her to break and spill the information, so they will torture her through sexual means. Can they make her talk or will they get her pregnant first?

While torturing the girl, you can adjust different parts of the scene. You'll be able to choose the sexual position, when you want to ejaculate, switch camera positions, and change the visibility of the kobolds. As for the girl, you can customize her hair, skin, eye color, give her elf ears, adjust the size of her breasts and butt, and give her different accessories. Each day, you can question the girl, use aphrodisiacs, and question her body. The sequence of your choices will decide your ending. You will need to complete levels and obtain endings if you want to unlock the other options in the game. Try to get all of the endings to unlock everything.

◆Game Features

・Adjustable breast and buttocks size・Super realistic breast and buttocks shaking

・Customizable hair color and clothing

・Can operate several kobolds

・White turbidity mode (let her be covered in white fluid!)

・Fertilization function

・Camera mode (login, call, auto play function)

・Multiple endings

・New position and appearance customization function with the number of endings unlocked

You can purchase HOBGOB ~ Please Save Me~ on sale from Steam for $6.29. After September 27th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $6.99.

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