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Usagi Health Club, PUSH! Soft’s visual novel about playing mini-games with sexy bunny girls, is now available on Steam.

PUSH! Soft, the developers of Swimmer Admiration, has released their newest title, Usagi Health Club, a casino-esque visual novel involving bunny girls. In the visual novel, you play as Tanaka Ryuu, an average salary man working as an accountant. Working from the beginning and end of every day, his life has become a tedious and boring affair. One day, after drinking with his colleagues in Shinjuku, he meets a girl in a bunny outfit on his way home. She suggests he come to the “Usagi Health Club,” a gentlemen’s club for people like him. Tanaka hesitates at first but decides to take a gamble on her offer.

Each night, you can choose one of four girls to play a game with. If you win, you'll earn money and a naughty scene with whichever bunny girl you chose to play against. Usagi Health Club features eight minigames, including slots, tic-tac-toe, blackjack, card matching, and more. Usagi Health Club has five endings to discover and over twenty CGs to view.

Lovers of Gentlemen Club! Do you like gaming and bunny girls at the same time? Do you like to be rewarded with sweet sweet love from bunny girls? Then this game is for you. Featuring some minigames you played in Casino, you will get to bet your money away with some of the top class beautiful bunny girls in town. If you win, not only will you get more money, but you will also get unlock some special scene with them as a reward too!

- At least 6 hours of gameplay.

- Featuring more than 8 minigames.

- 4 Bunny girls for you to choose every night.

- Over 20 CGs of all characters.

- 5 Endings.

- Gambling away y-o-uuuurrr sooouuullll

You can buy Usagi Health Club on Steam for $24.99.

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