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USB hardcopy releases for Alicesoft’s Beat Angel Escalayer R and the original Evenicle are now available for pre-order through MangaGamer.

MangaGamer has announced upcoming releases of hardcopy versions for two of Alicesoft’s classic titles: Beat Angel Escalayer R and Evenicle. The new physical format will become available on November 22nd. Each purchase will come with the game on a USB flash drive, a digital download card, and each game's respective OSTs.

Beat Angel Escalayer R is the 2015 reboot of the original Beat Angel Escalayer, which initially released back in 2002. This sci-fi mixture of a visual novel and an RPG puts players in the shoes of a young student named Kyouhei Yanase. After he reconnects with his childhood friend Sayuka, he discovers that she’s become a magical girl fighting to protect humans from alien invaders; however, her powers stem from her arousal, forcing her to masturbate just to transform. Since Kyouhei has already found out about her secret, she enlists his aid in her training to save Earth.

Players will have to plan out how Kyouhei will spend his time with Sayuka each day. The pair can rest, train, or fight back against the aliens. The player only controls Sayuka’s schedule, with combat being mostly automated. As such, careful planning is key to succeeding at the game, though even the best strategy may be thrown off track by an unexpected story event.

Despite being called a reboot, Beat Angel Escalayer R still contains most of the content from the original game, albeit expanded with new scenarios and entirely new images, along with renewed version of the original artwork.

You can pre-order the hardcopy release of Beat Angel Escalayer R for $44.95 from MangGamer. The game's digital version is available here for the same price.

Evenicle is an RPG that first came out in 2015. The game takes place in a fantasy world governed by the goddess Eve, who forbids humans from killing and marrying more than once, with anyone who breaks these rules becoming cursed. The only way to be excluded from these rules is to become a knight dedicated to protecting humanity from monsters and outlaws.

Asterisk, the game’s protagonist, decides to become a knight purely so that he can marry both of his twin sisters. The task isn’t as simple as a standard application, though. First, he'll have to prove himself and rise in the ranks to earn extra marriage rights. Throughout the game, the player guides Asterisk and his party on their adventure to stop evildoers. For additional variety, players can also engage with capturing monsters during battles or hunting optional Megamonster boss challenges.

The Evenicle USB hardcopy is now available for pre-order on MangaGamer for $44.95. The digital edition of the game can also be purchased from MangaGamer, as well as on Steam for $44.99. GOG is currently selling the digital edition of Evenicle for the promotional price of $26.99, where it will later cost $44.99.

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