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Sakura Alien 2, the sequel to Winged Cloud's original visual novel about a human and a runaway alien, is now available on Steam.

Sakura Alien 2 brings players back to the story of Haru, an aspiring scientist with a passion for the stars, and Ena, a runaway alien who's also a fangirl for Earth’s culture. In the previous game, Ena forced herself into Haru’s life when she decided that their sudden meeting was the work of destiny. In the end, he began a romantic life with both Ena and his good-natured friend, Hiyori. Despite the chaos, Haru was still enjoying his studies; however, his life takes a sudden turn when a new professor joins the university staff.

Saki is an inexperienced researcher with a cold and mature demeanor, but behind her vast intelligence is a clumsy woman who tends to get embarrassed easily. Soon after she appears at school, she takes a special interest in Ena, sparking concern in Haru whether she could be plotting something more.

Ena is an alien princess who comes from a far-off planet called Corval. She was raised as a member of alien royalty, and she’s used to the finer things in life. She isn’t a snob, however, and she enjoys nothing more than lounging around Haru’s apartment in one of his old button-up shirts, eating snacks and reading manga.

Ena is a cheerful, bubbly girl, and she’s capable of brightening up anybody’s day with a single smile. If she wasn’t already an alien princess, she might make a good idol!

Hiyori is a kind-natured girl one year Haru’s senior, and the president of the astronomy club. She might be even more obsessed with the stars than Haru, as she seems to believe, owing to a star-shaped birthmark on her chest, that she herself is an extraterrestrial.

Hiyori’s parents are both exceedingly wealthy, but she doesn’t seem to get along with them very well. She doesn’t often talk about her family, and would far rather hang out with Haru and Ena.

Professor Sakai (given name unknown) is a newbie professor at Haru and Hiyori’s university. She might look cool and mature, with her icy intellect and her dark, sophisticated fashion sense, but she’s actually something of a klutz: a fact she’s very embarrassed about.

She seems to have taken an especial interest in Ena: a development which causes Haru no shortage of stress. Professor Sakai might be pretty, but what, exactly, is she plotting…?

Sakura Alien 2 is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $7.49 until September 26th, at which point it will cost $9.99. Adult content for the visual novel has to be installed separately, using a free patch available on Winged Cloud’s Patreon.

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