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Riding to Bounce City, Trigon Fan’s racing game about girls going on a pleasurable trip, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Riding to Bounce City is an erotic cycling game based off of classic racing games, in which the game's cast of girls are heading to a mysterious city while riding bicycles with dildos attached. Their pleasure will be their guide, as the closer they get to the city, the more excited they get; however, this game never ends, meaning the girls will be stuck on this nonstop pleasure ride forever.

As the girls continue to ride, the dildos will pump into them, draining its battery. Players will also earn points the longer they last riding through the game. During the ride, the girls will need to avoid obstacles and collect items such as coins and batteries, with coins increasing the player's score and the batteries increasing the battery life of the dildo. Additionally, the girls, their outfits, and even their dildos are customizable, with there being unlockable clothing and camera angles as you play through the levels. Additionally, while the base game is free, it also features mosaic censorship; if you want to play the game completely uncensored, you will need to buy the DLC.

Key Features:

- Choose between girls, personalize their clothes, and even their dildo!

- Fully animated and hand-drawn.

- Get cameras to see the action from other angles.

- Too many clothes? No problem, they can get more comfortable as you collect some items through the game.

- Use only A and D or the arrows to move. Touch the icons to change the angle.

- Bounce physics. (most resources are here ♥)

- There will be future updates!

You can download Riding to Bounce City for free on Steam, while the game's DLC patch, Riding to Bounce City - Uncensored, is available for $9.99.

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