If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Build a deck of monsters and use them to push behind enemy lines in Fogimi’s Empress Card, a card game now available on DLsite.

Empress Card follows Courtney, the game's protagonist and a young heir to the throne of her empire. Descending from a bloodline gifted with teleportation magic, she was destined to be a great ruler; however, after her mother died early due to an illness, Courtney has to hastily take over the throne. Viewing her as weak and inexperienced, the neighboring countries begin launching their assault on her lands. What’s more, a rumor spreads that having sex with someone of Courtney’s bloodline would grant immortality to her partner, prompting violent assaults against the new empress personally.

Each level of the game portrays a battle in which Courtney teleports her armies to the field, presented as a grid. The army consists of cards representing unique unit types. The player may summon one unit per turn, at the end of which, they will move forward. If the unit manages to cross over to the other end of the board, they'll take away life points from the enemy army. To win, you have to reduce the opposing army's life points to zero before the same happens to Courtney.

Most of the game's units have special effects attached to them — such as increased damage — or special rules on how they cross through the battlefield —such as changing lanes to jump the enemy or countering their abilities. Stronger units will require the sacrifice of another to be summoned. These rules only apply to the player, with the enemy army steadily summoning units according to the level’s design. Beating stages unlocks new cards for customizing the deck, while losing leads to Courney’s capture and sexual enslavement. Additionally, erotic images appear on the screen every time an enemy unit crosses into the player’s end of the battlefield.

The game features 20 stages to beat and a total of 13 erotic CGs, plus their variants.

Empress Card is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $6.91 (estimated from ¥990) until September 15th, at which point it will cost $7.68 (estimated from ¥1,100).

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