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Connect pipes to earn the affection of three girlfriends in Edge Games’ Gold Drill, a puzzle game now available on Steam.

Gold Drill is a collection of pipe-themed puzzle challenges with erotic 3D content. The game's array of pipe puzzles play out on a grid, in which players have to lead a line of pipes from one point to the other while shuffling existing pipe pieces along the board. Certain tiles can be rotated, whereas others have a limited number of moves or can’t even be moved at all. The game ramps up in difficulty by introducing more special pieces over time, with a total of 60 challenging levels to face.

Beating levels unlocks erotic videos featuring the game’s three heroines: the maid Lydia, the stylish Judith, and the elegant Carol. There are 10 animated sex scenes for each girl, making for a total of 30 cutscenes to unlock. If you're the sort of player who lacks privacy, the game even features a special emergency mode. By pressing a dedicated button, you can immediately turn on a mini-game about helping sheep jump over a rock. Playing in this mode also unlocks hints for the game's stages, ensuring that your time isn’t wasted in doing so.

Gold Drill is a classic arcade puzzle game where you connect pipes. Clear the stage and enjoy the rewards the girls give you!


• Gold Drill is a classic arcade puzzle game where you connect pipes

• Clear the stage and enjoy the rewards the girls give you!

How to play the game

• It is cleared by connecting from the start point to the end point with the provided block.

• Unique blocks can help or hinder your play

• If the game is difficult, refer to the hint

• Enjoy your joy by earning rewarded videos!

Key Features

• 3 girl friends embodied in 3D

• 30 stages filled with blocks with unique characteristics

• Extreme fun, challenge mode + 30 stages

• 30 adult video records given as rewards

• An emergency mode that will protect you from your mother and sister!

Gold Drill is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.24 until September 21st, at which point it will cost $4.99.

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