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Make a living by facing the hardship of a post-apocalyptic world in Cave Party, an open-world life sim RPG currently being created by shmuha.

Cave Party is an independent project envisioned as an open-world, life simulation RPG. Players will be able to choose between various origin stories, dictating where in the game’s world they begin their journey and what burdens they'll have to start with. The game takes place in a destroyed world. After an asteroid field passed by Earth, it obscured the sun with dust, froze the planet’s surface, and forced humanity to flee underground. Living inside cavernous cities, the remaining people struggle to survive; however, after 300 years, a remarkable society has formed, in which players will have to carve out their living.

The game uses a 2D side-scrolling perspective to portray the player and other inhabitants of the world. The latest demo release shows the basic principles of the game, but limits players to a single origin and task. Being a prisoner whose bail was paid off by a tavern owner, you have to make a living either as a waiter or a prostitute. You can play as a female or male character, granted housing by the tavern owner, but will be asked to pay rent and debt each week. If you fail, the owner’s lackeys will rape you as a lesson. The game allows you to customize both your character and your sexual preference as the player. For example, gay content can be disabled by turning down the occurrence of male rapists to 0%.

The next version of the game is planned to include a corruption system, as well as new poses for female rapists. In the future, the game will showcase larger areas of the world, allowing for more types of interactions, and eventually making more origin stories available to the player. The game’s world is planned to be shown as a desperate and somewhat unnatural place to live in. Cave Party is being created by a single developer, shmuha, who handles the project's coding, art, and game design.

You can download the free build of Cave Party from If you’d like to learn more about the project and support its development, you can do so by visiting the developer’s Patreon.

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