Your little secret is ours now

Unravel the plans of a shady organization in the furry yaoi adventure Tailbound, available now on Steam.

Tailbound is a top-down hack and slash adventure developed by Carpetwurm. It follows a bunny boy who goes to a strange convention where he encounters all kinds of trouble. Hazards include a pink mist that controls people’s minds, monsters that want to fuck him, and a hidden organization that is behind everything. Can our furry hero uncover the secrets behind these events and survive the night?

The game is played from a top-down perspective. You'll fight against powerful monsters and use various abilities as you traverse dangerous terrain. The game has twenty-nine animated sex scenes of male furries getting it on. It all consists of four levels, seven types of enemies, and plenty of secrets and easter eggs to find around the map.

Additionally, Carpetwurm has released DLC, called Tailbound - Deluxe Extras, which includes Tailbound: Classic (2019), the original Tailbound demo that was first released in 2019. This demo’s storyline and scenes are different from what is featured in the base game. The DLC also includes a thank you note from Carpetwurm, the animations, along with artwork from both Tailbound games and Thirstchasm, one of the developer’s previous games.

Tailbound is a lewd top-down 2D hack n' slash game, that finishes what my last game, Thirstchasm, set out to do. The game features Zelda-like gameplay, but at a far faster pace and with more of a focus on abilities and level hazards. Gameplay is based around an improved version of Thirstchasm's topple system & combat.

Tailbound is now finished, including all artwork, scenes, and music. The game has 29 fully-animated Sex Scenes, with the sole focus of Male on Male content. Not to mention, 4 levels, 7 enemies, and a multitude of secrets, easter eggs, and lore scattered about.

This game includes scenes featuring...

- Ass Worship

- Mindbreaking/Mind Control

- Egg Insertion

- Knotting

- Tentacles

- Musk

- and many more...

You can purchase Tailbound on Steam for $4.99 and the Tailbound - Deluxe Extras DLC for $4.99.

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