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PsyberPsycho's dating simulator about making drinks for girls and getting, Paradise Overlap, is currently in development and playable on

Paradise Overlap is a cyberpunk-styled dating simulator where you play as "Barman," a bartender in the city of Los Stella. Each day, you will serve a set of five customers. To make a drink, players will have to drag the right ingredients into the shaker, shake it until the drink is made, and then serve it to the customer. The game features twelve different characters, seven of which are girls you can sleep with. If your customer is a girl, you can talk to her three times or ask her to stay the night. When you talk to her, she will ask you a question. These questions involve guessing her favorite color, giving your opinion on a given topic, recounting her profession or the first drink she ordered from you. If you answer correctly, her affection will increase by 5%.

Once a girl’s affection is high enough, you can ask her to stay for the night. This will promptly end the day, leading to a sex scene with a minigame, where players will need to click on hearts to fill up a bar in order to orgasm. As you collect more hearts, the more the sex animation will quicken. After work, you will have the option to choose between the shop, city map, girls, and gallery. All options besides the gallery are still under development and inaccessible. as of the game's current build. The gallery and ability to save and load your game are also not available in the free version.

You will find

Lots of monster girls

Life in a cyberpunk metropolis

Alcoholic drinks

Animated NSFW scenes using Spine2D

And much more to come!

-0.1.0 Contents (Latest build)-

- 12 Characters, 7 Girls

- 7 animated NSFW scenes

- 25 cocktails to mix

You can download the public build of Paradise Overlap on If you enjoy the game, consider checking out PsyberPsycho’s Patreon page.

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