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Defend the last bastion of humanity from the endless attacks of monster girls in Monster girl assault!, a tower defense game currently being developed by Namako.

Monster girl assault! is a tower defense game that sees players take the role of a king, ruling over the last stronghold of humanity. Monster girls have been hunting down human males to use as their mates for some time now and they have no intention of stopping. Each day, a new army will encroach upon the stronghold, with it being your job to ensure its safety.

Each stage is played on a checkerboard with four lanes. As time passes, monster girls spawn at the end of a lane, slowly marching towards the drawbridge at the other end. To stop their approach, you’ll have to collect money and place units to block their path. Each level has a time limit, after which the final wave led by an exceptionally strong unit will begin its march. Once all monster girls have been defeated, the level is cleared. Each stage grants you access to new units, with special minigames taking place after every few levels.

The latest version of Monster girl assault! features the game's entire first act, which includes eight deployable units and two types of monster girls armed with varying equipment. As the girls advance, they will attack any unit you put on their path and finally rape them once they're weakened, removing the unit from the field. If even one monster girl reaches the stronghold, you lose the stage but unlock an animated erotic CG for the gallery.

Future versions of the game will feature more stages, minigames, units, and enemies, as well as letting players find out what happens after the ending of stage 8. The game is currently being developed by Namako, who’s also working on Devil lord! Recuperation, a side-scrolling game currently being rebuilt.

The latest free build of Monster girl assault! is now available on Itch.io. If you’d like to learn more about the project and support its development, visit the developer’s Patreon.

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