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A female knight tries to complete her first mission in the RPG Maker game, Letina’s Odyssey, now available on Steam, FAKKU, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games.

Developed by Asakiyumemishi and published by Kagura Games, Letina's Odyssey is a fantasy RPG following the titular Letina, the princess knight of the Arclight kingdom. A longstanding tradition of the Arclight family is for the women to join the church, but Princess Letina instead chose to train as a knight to help her people. After she was knighted, first mission was to defeat bandits who had been attacking nearby villages.

Letina and a group of knights head off to Mt. Noble to find the bandits, but she gets separated from the group. While she's able to take care of herself well enough, a sudden cave-in occurs and she becomes trapped in a complex cave system. She isn’t alone in this predicament, either: an entire village was also trapped with her. Letina must venture down a dangerous path inhabited by monsters if she hopes to escape and save the villagers. Compounding matters further is the presence of a girl trapped with them, who wishes to kill Letina for unknown reasons.

As players explore the cave system, they will find treasure, shortcuts, secret passages, and other mysteries that hide within Mt. Noble’s tunnels. Use pickaxes and explosives to uncover hidden treasure rooms. There are monsters on each floor, leaving players to either fight them or run past them to avoid battling all together. To help Letina become stronger and learn new abilities, players will have to defeat the mountain spirits in battle and obtain their gems.

You can also help the villagers by joining the survey team and completing missions. By doing this, you will gain rewards and useful allies to help you. The choices you make will affect how you play the game. If you choose not to rescue someone, you may lose an ally forever. Similarly, if you lose the trust of the village elder, he will banish you from the village.

You can buy Letina’s Odyssey from FAKKU for $14.99 and on sale from Steam, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games for $13.49. After September 23rd, the sale on Steam will end and the price will increase back up to $14.99. If you choose to buy the game on Steam, don’t forget to download the free uncensored patch from Kagura Games.

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