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Puzzle Game Animal Wish Now Available on Steam

Animal Wish, Milk Poison's puzzle game about matching tiles to unlock new erotic images of kemonomimi heroines, is now available on Steam.

Animal Wish is a puzzle game in which players complete a variety of match-3 puzzle boards to unlock erotic images of eight different heroines. The game doesn't feature any story, though the store page offers a bit of an introduction to the game. To escape the chaotic city life and enjoy the gifts of nature, the protagonist decided to become a farmer. Your new job is to take care of animal girls on a farm, with which you develop very intimate relationships.

The game features 64 levels in total, with eight levels per heroine. Each puzzle revolves around the same core mechanic: connect three or more fruits by drawing lines between them to remove them from the board, gain points, and make the row fall down. Levels differ in board shapes and general objectives. Players may be tasked with earning a set number of points, leading specific pieces to fall off the board, breaking pieces on specified tiles, connecting a specified number of pieces of a given type to a frozen tile, and so on.

Levels will have to be completed either in a given number of moves or against a time limit. Players can aid themselves by using four special abilities, with one granting extra moves and the other three deleting tiles in different ways.

Beating levels associated with a heroine unlocks new images of her in the gallery, including nude sprites, a daily life image, and a sex CG enhanced by basic animations. The full cast of kemonomimis includes a pig, cat, turkey, dog, sheep, chicken, and cow.

Animal Wish is now available on Steam for $1.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a free DLC.

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