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Nade Nade Onna no Ko 7: Imprisonment Sex Story, Cherry Girls' simulator about a kidnapper forcing two people to have sex, is now available on Steam.

Nade Nade Onna no Ko 7: Imprisonment Sex Story is part of Cherry Girls' series of touching games, with this entry featuring a darker story that's unrelated to the previous entries in any way. In this scenario, you and a girl are kidnapped and locked up by an old man. The two of you are trapped in the same cell, as he forces you to do perverted acts to the girl. If you don’t follow his orders, he will torture her with electric shocks. When the kidnapper is around, you'll be forced do as you're told, but when he is away, you can instead be kind and comfort the girl.

This game's progression is linear and the sex scenes are animated using Live2D. The girl who was kidnapped is of a polite demeanor and has average sexual experience, with players being forced to push her past her limits by stimulating her erogenous zones. There are four gauges related to the girl: excitement, orgasm, squirting and fatigue. As you build up her excitement, you make her orgasm; every time she orgasms, her fatigue gauge will increase. When you're alone with the girl, you'll be able to give her massages and head pats. Doing this will increase her love level, as well asdecreasing her fatigue and excitement.

■Story situations

-Embarrassment and caressing

-Sexual toys

-Forced to give blowjobs, handjobs

-Edging hell

-Ordered to masturbate

-Stimulated by machines

-Compelled sexual intercourse

■Possible actions in touching mode

- stroke her face

- pull her nose up like a piggy

- massage her boobs

- pinch her nipples

- touch her butt

- squeeze her p*ssy

- finger her wet clitoris

- fingerf*ck her

- lick her p*ssy

- vibratory play

- squirting

- penetrative sex

- bukkake

- creampie

- continuous orgasms

- she plays with her nipples

- she plays with her p*ssy

- bondage prodding

- nipple teasing machine

- clit teasing machine

- dildo device

- blowjob

- handjob

... and more!

You can buy Nade Nade Onna no Ko 7: Imprisonment Sex Story on Steam for $14.99. There's also a demo available if you want to try out the gameplay for yourself.

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