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Match-3 Puzzle Game Witch Story Now Available on Steam

Two heroes become charmed by a witch's beauty in Hunny Bunny Studio’s Witch Story, a match-3 puzzle game now available on Steam.

The heroine of Witch Story has lived hidden in the kingdom’s forests for centuries, toiling away on alchemy, fortune-telling, and magic. The local lord finds her presence upsetting, deciding to send heroes to deal with her quietly, fearing the embarrassment should an army lose to her; however, both the innocent clerk and the grizzly warrior soon become charmed by the witch, finding her far too alluring to resist.

Witch Story combines a short narrative, told in the style of a visual novel, with match-3 puzzle levels. Each segment of the story is interrupted by a puzzle challenge, in which you have to collect several alchemical ingredients by matching them in lines of three on a board. Each stage has different requirements and board shapes, but none of the puzzles are mandatory; the game allows players to skip any stage they get stuck on.

Completing levels unlocks new animated erotic images for players to view. Some feature interactive elements, such as being able to caress the witch with a feather. The game features a total of 12 chapters, with six apiece for both male protagonists.

In a kingdom, there is a witch who lives off the beaten track. She is busy with alchemy, potion-making, fortune-telling ,frightening people and other magic..They say she has already lived for a few centuries here. The local lord is fed up with such neighbourhood. The kingdom earned notoriety, the common people are terrified,his power is weakening.

They can`t send the army to the witch, as they are not sure if the army will succeed… And what a lord is frightened enough to raise an army against a woman? They decided to settle things quietly ,so a Hero was sent to beat her! Then another one… And then two more… Finally the Lord sends a new hero ,who has to read all accusations to the witch and take her to prison!


🔥 Visual novel

🔥 Beautiful artwork🔥 Animation scenes

🔥 CG Gallery Mode🔥 Relaxing music

Easy win: Keyboard Сtrl+D - Complete Level

Witch Story is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $0.84 until September 17th, at which point it will cost $0.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a free DLC patch.

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