You will never be the same again

MuleGaming’s open-ended RPG Maker game, At Home With Step-Sis Simulator is now available for purchase on Steam.

At Home With Step-Sis Simulator is an adventure game with visual novel elements. The story is nonlinear and split up into short vignettes, in which players take control of the owner of a company, working away on year-end financial reports. Even though you should be working with your dad to cook the books, you'd rather leave that for tomorrow; today is the only vacation day you’ll get all year, and you want to be sure you enjoy yourself.

The game allows players to play through the sections that interest them and skip through the parts that don’t. While the main plot is centered around hanging out with your step-sister, you can still spend your time however you like. Whether you meet with your step-sister at night, help your dad in the office, or go somewhere else to kill time, whichever story you choose to experience will lead to one of the game's multiple different endings. There are also mini games that you can play on your in-game computer, like slide puzzles and a slot machine.

At Home With Step-Sis Simulator is a lighthearted adult adventure game featuring a hybrid visual novel style. The game is for people who want quick "get off and get out" stories. All the game content has been broken into small vignettes for you to discover at your leisure. With no linear path to follow, you can experience the stories and parts that interest you.


- Steam achievements.

- Multiple endings.

- Various lewd scenes with multiple girls.

- One special stepsister.

- Partial voice acting.

- Fully uncensored.

- Multiple hours of gameplay.

You can buy At Home With Step-Sis Simulator on Steam for the discounted price of $7.64. After September 19th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $8.99.

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