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Start up your engines and embark on rescue missions in Osando Studio’s Hot Tentacles Shooter, a shoot ‘em up game published by Gamuzumi on Steam.

Hot Tentacles Shooter is a comedic shoot ‘em up in which you take the role of a female pilot on her way to rescue other women from the clutches of tentacled aliens. Pilot your ship through screens filled with armed baddies descending on your position. Shoot them down to acquire power-ups that improve or change your weapons, increase score, or regenerate health and other resources.

There are twenty levels in the game featuring just as many heroines in distress. Progress through the stage to see the tentacle-covered pin-up of the girl slowly uncover. The game features three boss encounters and multiple outfits to unlock for the pilot.

Take control of the drop ship and free all the girls in this space adventure from spooky alien tentacles!

Hot Tentacles Shooter combines the immediate fun typical of shoot em arcade up with an irresistible strongly ecchi vibe!


Alish is the last hope for a platoon of space warriors.

During a reconnaissance mission his allies were captured by giant alien tentacles and only she is able to help them.

Live with Sofia aboard a spaceship and repel the threat alien through 20 hilarious levels!


• Free 20 beautiful girls from the clutches of big tentacles!

• Unlock new clothes for Sofia!

• A beautiful Pixel Art awaits in this game!

• Space soundtrack!

• Arcade action: Shoot, dodge and use devastating power ups!

• Test yourself against 3 fearsome bosses!

• Collect all the girls portraits!

Hot Tentacles Shooter is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $3.99 until September 16th, at which point it will cost $4.99.

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