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Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed 'Em All!, Miel’s nukige about blessing a kingdom with otherworldly sex skills, is now available on Steam.

Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed 'Em All! is an isekai story told from the perspective of a young man summoned to a different world by the kingdom’s princess. As with many similar premises, the protagonist was called to this world in order to save it; not as a hero, but as a sacrifice to strengthen the seal holding the Demon Queen at bay.

Aware of the cruel nature surrounding his summoning, the princess allows the hero one final wish before he is to be slain. The protagonist chose to get rid of his virginity, with the princess agreeing to grant the wish personally. To her shock, she found the protagonist’s manhood fantastic beyond anything she imagined possible. Quickly changing her mind, she promptly crowns him king, requesting that he shares his groin with all the people of his kingdom.

The visual novel features over 40 unique CGs, HD artwork in upscaled 16:9 and 4:3 variants, enhanced sprite animations, gallery and scene selections, fully voiced Japanese dialogue, and hours of story content. Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed 'Em All! allows players to explore the kingdom and impregnate its inhabitants at their leisure, using a new episode select function.

Upon getting summoned to a fantasy world, you quickly come to realize you weren't summoned to become a great hero, instead you are a sacrifice to seal away the Demon Queen! The ever-benevolent Queen Alicia decides to personally grant you one request before you are sacrificed and obviously your first priority is to not die a virgin! After experiencing your incredible cock for herself she crowns you as the new king and give you complete control over the castle so that all her previous subjects can have a taste of your marvelous meat!

Your reign isn't limited to just that castle! Fertilize all the fantasy babes you can find: a forest full of fuckable elves, bodacious and buff beast girls, exotic, and erotic monster girls, even that mysterious demon queen that was once a threat to the kingdom, all of them and more are destined to become your sex toys!

Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed 'Em All! is now available for PC, MacOS, and Linux, on Steam for the promotional price of $11.99 until September 16th, at which point it will cost $14.99.

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