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Cummystudio Is Developing the Point-And-Click Mystery Game Cummy Curse

CummyStudio’s Cummy Curse, a point-and-click adventure about a pair of friends moving into a new home, is currently in development.

Cummy Curse follows a young man and his friend, Clarie, as they move into a new home after skipping town. Certain events in the past made Clarie uncomfortable with her old life, leading the two of them eventually deciding to just start anew.

With the plan being so sudden, they hadn't spent much time looking for the best place to stay, ultimately settling on an old, but affordable home. While unpacking on the first day, they discover a hatch leading to a forgotten basement, which they weren't even told about. The dusty underground room turns out to filled with mysterious books, but it wasn’t just them in there; something else was hiding in the basement, nesting itself itself inside of Clarie.

Cummy Curse is currently being developed by CummyStudio, an independent team that previously produced Milfy Cummy: Gloria Returns and The Avatar: Legend of Korra parody game, Cummy Bender.

To solve the mystery of the old house, you’ll have to complete tasks for Clarie around the house and keep an eye on her. The game features simple point-and-click puzzles, allowing players to enter different rooms around the house, pick up objects, and combine them in their inventory to solve puzzles. The latest demo features the first two days and nights of the story.

Cummy Curse puts you into the shoes of our protagonist as they help Claire get settled into a new home after a sudden move to a new town. The reason for this unexpected change of direction will become clear over time, but not before this old house reveals some of its strange secrets. The first stretch of the race to figure out this estate’s mysteries, and how to stop them starts now!

A public demo for Cummy Curse is available for PC, MacOS and Android on Itch.io. If you’d like to learn more about the project and support the developers, you can visit their Patreon page.

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