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A demo for Maneki_Mushi's otome visual novel about a saintess forced to marry, Saint Ceri, is now available for download on Itch.io.

Saint Ceri is a visual novel in which you play as Ceridwen, a woman who was made to be a saintess under Tristin, the deity of love, family, and motherhood. It falls upon Ceridwen job deliver blessings unto the faithful people who come to the church. She's not quite happy with this life, but her life before becoming the saintess wasn’t any better, having lived in poverty as a farmhand and married to a man for six months before he died of illness. Seeing that neither falling in love nor the act of raising interested her much, she didn’t understand why she was chosen to be the saintess for Tristin.

With the Spring Festival approaching, Ceridwen will be busy with her duties, but the church surprises her with a demand: she must get married. If she doesn’t have someone picked out by the time Spring Festival comes around, the church will instead arrange the marriage for her. Ceridwen has three people in mind: Bryn, a loyal paladin who always has a smile on his face; Lady Eira, a widowed duchess of the land at odds with the church; and Kyros, a stern priest who oversees Ceridwen’s duties.

The visual novel is slated to feature both monogamous and polyamorous routes. In the game's current demo, there are three CGs, including one H-scene involving Byrn. The full release is planned to have multiple endings and H-scenes where Ceridwen is intimate with one or more love interests.

You can download the demo for Saint Ceri over on Itch.io.

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