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Psychoseel is Developing the Sidescrolling Platformer Dekamara

Dekamara, Psychoseel's sidescrolling action game about lewd girls corrupting the forest, is currently in development and available to download on Itch.io.

Dekamara is a sidescrolling action game in which a holy forest is under invasion by naughty girls who wish to corrupt it. The task falls upon the game's titular hero, Dekamara, to teach the unruly girls how to behave. The gameplay involves fighting back against the girls, or else they'll take advantage of you. Players will have to attack the girls and knock them out so you can pick them up, after which they can can fuck the girls and use their bodies to turn on switches. After a short time, the girls will wake back up and attack you, but will remain unconscious for longer if you had sex with them.

There are altars around the game's world that need to be purified using the girls themselves, bringing them over and fuck them on top of it to light the pillars. If you ever have trouble finding altars, press the semen button and it will show you the direction to the closest altar. Additionally, the only way to heal yourself and even save your game is by finding the corresponding girl and giving her semen. The mage will give you a blowjob to save your game; the elf will only restore a part of your health bar, but there's no limit to how many times you can use her. Players will also have to be wary of other traps around the map, such as spiked wrecking balls and deadly flowers. If you get knocked out, you will need to restart from your last save.

Holy forest is in danger! Lewd girls has corrupted the forest with their naughtiness! Our only hope is you, Dekamara, to teach them how to behave and be a good girl by satisfying their naughty desires.

But careful! If you fall weak, they'll teach you a lesson instead!

Game supports xbox controller(other controllers are not tested)

You can download the current build of Dekamara for free over on Itch.io. If you're interested in supporting the project, consider checking out the developer's Patreon.

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